Apple Watch 7- after using it for one week

Few weeks back, I bade farewell to my trusted Garmin Instinct smartwatch. I was eagerly waiting for Apple watch 7 to be available here in Australia from 15th Oct and preordered one, the moment I saw local stocks were available.

After one week of using my Apple Watch 7, here are my initial thoughts.


~Lovely interface and looks very premium

~Anyone already using Apple products and already in the same ecosystem will feel at ease

~Effortless sync & integration with an iPhone

~We can select from a wide variety of watch faces which are easily customizable

~Fitness and activity features are amazing esp. the motivation to close the activity rings

~You can challenge your friends and colleagues for a dose of healthy competition

~Apple watch 7 comes with Fitness Plus which has great easy- beginner friendly workouts & mediation option (comes with 3 months free trial)


~I opted for the silicone sports band and its not easy to put it on

~One need to charge the apple watch everyday as the battery comes to about 20% at the end of the day

~The glass watch face could be prone to scratches or even break on accidental impact


Overall, if you have never used an apple watch, go for it and I promise that you wont regret it.



Love everything OSINT

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