How I earned free Cryptocurrency (BAT tokens) by doing almost nothing

2 min readSep 8, 2021

BAT is a popular cryptocurrency which provides users with BAT tokens or Basic Attention Token just by watching selected advertisements of your choice on the Brave browser.

At the time of writing, the value of 1BAT= A$1.03.

Current value of BAT as of 8th Sept 2021

I earned over 17.5BAT tokens or $17.73 in under 2 months by just following the below steps:

BAT tokens received

Step 1: Install Brave browser from this link

Step 2: Once installed click on “learn more” next to Brave rewards.

Brave Rewards

Step 3: Toggle the button to ON , next to Ads to start viewing ads.

Step 4: Start using Brave browser to surf web and you will be earning BAT tokens for each ad that you see or click.

Step 5: Once you accumulate desired number of BAT tokens, you can link the reward to your your wallet (Gemini or Uphold) and transfer the tokens.

For me, I have been using the Brave as my primary browser for little over 2 months and below are my earnings. (approx. $13.02 or A$17.73)

July earning
August earning
September earning

Thanks for reading and happy earning.