How I passed the PRINCE2® Foundation exam in the first attempt

What is PRINCE2®?

PRINCE2® is one of the Global standards for managing projects. It stands for Projects in Controlled Environments. Apart from PMP, its one of the mostly known certification standards for Project Managers.

How did I study for the exam?

  • I attended a 3 day training program from a training provider in Sydney. The training was done remotely over zoom and quite rigorous.
  • We also solved 2 official sample papers during these 3 days and went through the course materials.
  • I used the official training handbook that was mailed to my address, couple of days before the start of the course
  • I also downloaded the official app from App store ($A7.99)and used it a lot to prepare for the mock exams.
Official PRINCE2 App
Mock Exam interface for the app

Exam experience

  • I booked the exam via Peoplecert to undertake the exam at home
  • It could be rescheduled to any date upto 48hrs from the scheduled exam time, free of charge
  • One could also opt for a “Take2” or retake option paying a fee of 61 Pounds, which will allow a retake if you fail during the first attempt
  • The exam is only for 1hr with 60 questions and pass percentage is 55%
  • The exam was quite difficult in comparison with the practice tests or sample papers that I used and at times I felt unprepared
  • Finally, I managed to secure to passing marks and was mailed the certificate 2 business days after the actual exam

Final comments

  • Please don't take this exam lightly as everyone thinks that “foundation "exam is generally for entry level and easy to pass
  • Read the Prince 2 manual in details focusing more on objectives, minimum requirements, constraints etc.
  • Opt for the “Take2” option which acts as an insurance, if you are not confident of your preparation.
  • Finally, good luck on your Prince 2 Foundation certification journey and please feel to share if you have any specific comments or questions.



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