My journey towards OSIP — Open Source Intelligence Professional certification (month#1)


I have been a fan of Michael Bazzell’s podcasts (link)and have been following it regularly each week.

I also order ordered a copy of his well known book i.e. 8th edition of Open Source Intelligence Technique (link) and have immensely benefited from its contents.

I was toying with the idea to subscribe to his online course which is delivered by OSINT trainer Jason Edison.

Finally, I took the plunge and subscribed to the training program for $550 yearly. Upon completion, I will have an option to apply for the OSIP certification with an additional fee.

I have reached out to few members on LinkedIn & Reddit who have completed this fairly new certification and have received nothing but glowing recommendations about it.

Throughout this series, I will create a monthly blog to share my experience along with key learnings throughout this course.

This is aimed for individuals and future prospective students who are interested to take up this program and certification in future, but cant make up their mind.

Wish you all a happy reading.



Love everything OSINT

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