Writeup_TryHackMe_OSINT_Geolocating Images

As part of OSINT learning, I am working to complete all the Try_Hack_Me rooms which are linked to OSINT research.

Url: https://tryhackme.com/room/geolocatingimages

The below is my writeup for this room in TryHackMe

Task 2 : Getting our feet wet — where is this?

Where is image 1?

Using Yandex search we can see that that the pic is in Karamay.

Google search reveals that Karamay is in China.

Answer: China

Task 4: Now your turn

Where was image 2 taken? Specifically, I’m looking for the name of the place that has likely set up the webcam. You’ll know it when you see it!

Please do not use reverse image searches for this!

Some of the information that we can find from the pictures are:

-Sheffield Avenue

-Addison Street

-2 statues

-Sport Corner signage

On googling, “sheffield avenue addison street”, we get the following option:

Using Google Earth Pro, we can find the exact location.

On panning the view to the right, we can see the building Wrigleyville Sports which is the likely location of the webcam.

Answer: Wrigleyville Sports

Task 6: Your turn, again!

Where was image 3 taken?

Looking at the picture we find that Location X is south west of Eiffel Tower and finding on Google, we can see the below structure presents the picture tough the color of dome is now black. The name of the location is Paris Observatory which is also known as Meudon Observatory.

Task 7: Your turn, what can you see?

Where is Image 4 taken

Visible Artifacts:

  • Cars on left side of road
  • There is a monument in the center of a 3 way road surrounded by some lamp-posts

Possible Inference:
Looks like an European Country with Left hand Drive

  • Possibly UK, London.

Did a google search using keyword “London street crossing with monument” to get the following search result.

On checking Abbey Road in Google maps, we can find the same crossing.

Answer: Abbey Road



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