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As part of OSINT learning, I am working to complete all the Try_Hack_Me rooms which are linked to OSINT research.

The below is my writeup for this room in TryHackMe.

Url: https://tryhackme.com/room/searchlightosint

Task 2

What is the name of the street where this image was taken?

This is very easy as we can see the name of the street on the signage.

Flag: sl{carnaby street}

Task 3

Which city is the tube station located in?

Did a google search using keyword “underground subway station circus station”.

The first picture is a match with the target picture.

On enlarging the picture, its for Piccadilly Circus Station.

This is located in London.

Flag: sl{london}

Which tube station do these stairs lead to?

Flag : sl{Piccadilly Circus}

Which year did this station open?

Did a wikipedia search ,

Flag : sl{1906}

How many platforms are there in this station?

We can find again from Wikipedia the following information.

Flag : sl{4}

Task 4

Which building is this photo taken in?

Searching google, YVR is the IATA code for Vancouver International Airport

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vancouver_International_Airport

Flag: sl{Vancouver International Airport}

Which country is this building located in?

The next answers are very obvious.


Which city is this building located in?

Looking at wikipedia, the city is Richmond.

Flag: sl{Richmond}

Task 5

Which city is this coffee shop located in?

Searching google using the keywords the “edinburgh woolen mill scotland”. On checking the images, the very first image looks like the one in the picture with hand rails infront of the shop.

On searching the image it takes us to a document https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/edinburgh-woollen-mill-group-rescued-23320228

Flag : sl{Blairgowrie}

Which street is this coffee shop located in?

Name of the coffee shop is The Wee Coffee Shop. This is visible from google street view opposite to EWM outlet.

From google map, e can find the name of the street

Flag: sl{allan street}

What is their phone number?

Searching for The Wee Coffee Shop, Allan Street, Blairgowrie and Rattray, Blairgowrie, UK,

We can find the phone number

Flag: Be careful to add the + and space in the phone number format

sl{+447878 839128}

What is their email address?

Looking for the details of the coffee shop on FB, https://www.facebook.com/weecoffeeshop/

Flag sl{theweecoffeeshop@aol.com}

What is the surname of the owners?

Did a search using “The Wee Coffee Shop owner”

sl{Cochrane }

Task 6

Which restaurant was this picture taken at?

I did a reverse image search on Bing and landed on the article https://comicallyoverblown.blogspot.com/2013/10/new-york-comic-con-2013-part-2.html

Browsing through the article, the name of the restaurant is “ Katz’s Deli”.

sl{Katz’s Deli}

What is the name of the Bon Appétit editor that worked 24 hours at this restaurant?

I did a google search of “katz’s delicatessen bon appétit editor”

The first result gives the name of the target

Sl{ Andrew Knowlton}

Task 7

What is the name of this statue?

Did a reverse image search using Bing and found this article with the same picture which has the name of the picture.

Sl{ Rudolph the chrome nosed reindeer}

Who took this image?

For finding the name of the person who took the image, we need to see the image meta data.

I used http://exif.regex.info/exif.cgi but it did not give me any results.

I went back to reverse image search and tried to find unique attributes about this pic but no luck.

Then I did google search using “rudolph the chrome nosed reindeer oslo” and got the website for visitoslo which shows various sculptures on a map.


Upon clicking the links on the right, we get the name of the photographer.

Sl{Kjersti Stensrud}

Task 8

What is the name of the character that the statue depicts?

Did a reverse search and got the results from the search query.

Sl{Lady Justice}

Where is this statue located?

I tried to use Washington DC as the answer but it wont accept it.

Then I again went back to the reverse search results and found a picture which shows the picture and also its top view.

Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/timevanson/6830726846

Upon clicking the above link we can see that location of the picture is in Alexandria, VA.

Sl{Alexandria, Virginia}

What is the name of the building opposite from this statue?

Did a search on Google Earth for “federal district courthouse, Alexandria VA”.

Sl{the Westin Alexandria Old Town”

Task 9

What is the name of the hotel that my friend is staying in?

Did a reverse image search of one of the frame using Yandex.

This picture is from Singapore.

One of the video frames at 15 seconds shows the below:

The did a search of “Riverside Point, Singapore” in Google Earth and we can see the exact location which is the big tall building.

Doing a google search using “novotel Riverside Point, Singapore”, we can find the name of the hotel.

Sl{Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay)



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